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The real Marseille soap and the olive oil black soap hold many uses often unknown. Discover all the virtues and the benefits of these natural products to take care of its body, to clean the house, for the laundry and remove the linen, to keep and protect its garden, or to wash its animals.

  • Tips and tricks
    How to clean your barbecue grill?


    Summer is finally arrived and with it the season of barbecues with family or friends! But after cooking, there's still one daunting task to tackle: cleaning the grill.

  • Tips and tricks
    How to clean a carpet naturally ?


    It's important to remove dust from your carpet once a week with your vacuum cleaner, especially if it's located under the dining table or if you have children crawling around the house.

  • Tips and tricks
    Which soap to wash a wall ?


    Perceived as a real chore, we can quickly do without washing the walls. However, dust and dirt accumulate on these surfaces. We therefore take advantage of a major spring cleaning...

  • Tips and tricks
    How to naturally descale your toilet ?


    The pie in the bottom of the toilet makes it easier for waste to cling and bacteria to grow. Unfortunately, flushing, cleaning products and toilet blocks are not effective...

  • Tips and tricks
    How to clean a wood deck with black soap ?


    A lot of dirt can get on your wood deck over time. Wood can become damaged and it would be a shame to have a deck in poor condition.

  • Tips and tricks
    How to clean your baby's toys?


    Your baby or toddler spends hours playing with toys. Whether outside or at home, these toys end up on the floor or on other dirty surfaces and then in baby's mouth. It's a fact that toys get dirty...

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