Recipe: Making your own washing-up liquid with Marius Fabre black soap

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Discover how to make your own washing-up liquid with Marius Fabre black soap. An economical, ecological and effective product!

Recipe: Making your own washing-up liquid with Marius Fabre black soap


In the quest for a more planet-friendly lifestyle, every little bit helps.
Today, the Marius Fabre soap factory is offering you a simple, environmentally-friendly recipe for making your own washing-up liquid with Marius Fabre black soap.
Say goodbye to commercial products with mysterious ingredients, this ecological and affordable solution will allow you to make your dishes shine while taking care of our planet. Let's take a look at the steps involved in creating your own easy-to-make washing-up liquid!

Ingredients for making 1L of washing-up liquid:
• 0.80L hot water
• 1 tablespoon black soap (25g)
• 50g grated or shredded white Marseille soap
• 1 tablespoon bicarbonate of soda (25g)
• Optional: a few drops of your favourite essential oil

Utensils : 
• 1 grater
• 1 soup spoon
• 1 measuring glass
• 1 weighing scale or measuring spoon
• 1 funnel
• 1 empty 1L pump bottle

The different stages in making your homemade washing-up liquid: 
Step 1: Heat the water in your saucepan. Maintain a high temperature without boiling the water.
Step 2: Grate a cube of white Marseille soap into shavings using a grater, or pour the Marius Fabre shavings directly into the pan, then dilute them in the hot water. Stir until all the Marseille soap shavings have melted.
Step 3: Add the tablespoon of black soap and bicarbonate of soda. Stir gently until completely dissolved.
Step 4: Leave the mixture to stand in the open air for several hours without stirring. Your washing-up liquid will harden slightly to resemble a viscous paste.
Step 4a, optional: Add a few drops of essential oil.
Step 5: Pour the mixture into your empty pump bottle using your funnel.

Your homemade washing-up liquid is now ready!
By choosing to make your own Marius Fabre black soap washing-up liquid, you're doing much more than looking after your dishes. You're actively helping to reduce plastic waste, preserve natural resources and reduce your ecological footprint. 
What's more, you'll also be saving money, making this a doubly beneficial choice. 
So don't hesitate to do it again and again.

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