Our Marius Fabre beauty routine to face the cold !

Our Marius Fabre beauty routine to face the cold !

Every year, the winter season puts our skin and our sensitivity to the test. The cold, rain, wind and humidity come to disturb and modify the softness of your skin. To alleviate this problem, Marius Fabre gives you the unavoidable routine of our range "Olivia" against the cold !


1.  A good moisturizing milk to protect the skin of your body.

We start this routine by moisturizing the body. This is very important since it is recommended to moisturize your skin at least once a day, and preferably after showering so that your skin care penetrates well into the epidermis.

This moisturizing milk is composed of organic ingredients : organic orange blossom floral water, organic olive oil, organic shea butter, organic essential oils of mandarin and lemon peel, essential oils of geranium and lavender.

It is known for its softening, anti-drying and protective effects. It will leave your skin with a delicate and sweet smell of green tangerine, lemon and lavender. A pleasant sensation that you will adopt in summer as well as in winter!


2. For creamier desires, find also the Olivia body cream.

For those of you who are more into creams, don't panic, we have thought of you! You will find in our range "Olivia" our unctuous moisturizing cream certified organic made of organic olive oil and organic shea butter. Very moisturizing, it will give you a feeling of hydration and protection without greasy effect on the skin.


3. A dry oil to sublimate your body and your hair.

And if you like to perfect your moisturizing or simply alternate your products, the "Olivia" range has its own dry oil for body and hair.

Our dry oil with organic olive oil and certified organic evening primrose oil will meet all your expectations thanks to its nourishing and protective cocktail. Non-greasy, it will not come to stain your superb outfit of the day.

If you have damaged hair ends, a few drops of our dry oil "Olivia" before your shampoo is enough to give them strength.


4. Because we love our hands, we protect them with the certified organic Olivia hand cream by Marius Fabre.

Once your body is moisturized and wrapped in a sweet scent, take the time to take care of your hands. They are your working tool, and you need to take care of them ! That's why "Olivia" hand cream will be your best ally during the whole year, but especially during the winter period.

Rich in organic olive oil and organic shea butter, it will nourish, protect and soften your hands in all circumstances. This small format will slip easily into your bag to accompany you throughout your day.


5. Use our repairing lip balm and avoid chapping !

Finally, and because your lips need to be just as protected as the rest of your body, use our "Olivia" lip balm and enjoy the winter !

Composed of the highest quality ingredients, this lip balm provides immediate relief for dry and chapped lips. Indeed, the organic shea butter and organic olive oil contained in this lip balm will have a moisturizing and protective effect.

Its small size is ideal and will not take up space in your bathroom or handbag.

The little beauty bonus: enjoy a natural gloss effect !



You are now ready to face the winter period with softness.