Marseille soap to clean your iron.

Tips and tricks

If your iron is leaving more and more white marks on your clothes, it's because of the limescale in the water, which then settles on your soleplate.

Marseille soap to clean your iron.

The Marius Fabre Soap Factory gives you its tip to give back all its cleanliness to the soleplate of your iron.


First of all, use demineralized water for ironing. Indeed, this will prevent the soleplate of your iron from producing scale.

To remove the traces of limestone on the soleplate of your iron, you need a cube of green Marseille soap and a soft rag.


Learn about the process :

  1. Plug in your iron and wait a few minutes in order to that it rises in temperature, then unplug it.
  2. Let it cool slightly so that your iron is lukewarm, then rub the soleplate with your Marseille soap cube.
  3. Finally, wipe the iron soleplate with your soft tea towel.

Your soleplate is like new and will not leave any white marks on your laundry.


Marseille Soap is known for its many virtues !
Discover quickly all the tips and tricks.


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