How to clean your mattress with Marseille soap ?

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You regularly think about washing your sheets, pillowcases and comforter covers. But have you ever thought about cleaning your mattress ?

How to clean your mattress with Marseille soap ?

In order to provide you with beautiful healthy nights, your mattress must be regularly maintained. Over time, your mattress accumulates dust, perspiration and other dirt of all kinds.

To remedy this and enjoy a perfectly healthy and clean mattress, you only need two ingredients: a cube of white Marseille soap and hot water.


Recipe for the maintenance of your mattress :

→ Pour hot water into a container,
Moisten the area to be cleaned with a washcloth (proceed by zones for a complete cleaning of the mattress),
→ Rub your cube of Marseille Soap White on the area until a thin layer of soap is left,
→ Do not hesitate to insist on the stains,
→ Rinse the area with the washcloth previously dipped in your water container,
→ Let your mattress dry all day, if possible with the windows open.


Before putting your sheets back on, remember to vacuum your mattress for even more efficiency !

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