Marseille soap in the living room
Marseille soap in the living room


  •          Cleaning a leather sofa

To prevent the leather from drying and cracking, let Marseille soap take care of it. It not only cleans but, enriched with olive oil, nourishes the leather deep down.

Instructions for use: Use a lint-free cloth, slightly dampened with a mixture of Marseille soap and water (one tablespoon of Marseille soap for ½l of water). Pat rather than rub or press too hard while cleaning. The shine on the leather will be restored.

  •          Cleaning PVC flooring

Marseille soap is a very good degreaser that removes all kinds of stains.

Instructions for use: Dilute 2 tablespoons of Marseille soap flakes in 5 litres of hot water and wash the floor with it. 

  •          Cleaning white wood

The colour of white wood and the fact that it is neither varnished nor waxed means it is more exposed to dirt. There’s nothing like Marseille soap to clean and revive it.

Instructions for use: Gently scrub with a brush dipped in hot soapy water then dry with a soft cloth.

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  • Olive oil Marseille soap bar 2,5kg

    Our speciality since 1900. Each one of our bars of olive oil Marseille soap is traditionally made, cooked in a cauldron. Cut and stamped by hand, it is living heritage, produced by the traditional Savon de Marseille crafts secrets kept in our family for four generations. It is also the emblematic representative of the Marius Fabre soap factory beyond...

    30,00 €
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  • Marseille soap flakes 750g

    Marius Fabre soap flakes are guaranteed 100% Marseille soap, pure vegetal with neither synthetic substances nor colouring agents.  Cooked in a cauldron to traditional Marseille soap-making practices, our special family recipe ensures that they are properly dried and dehydrated. Hypoallergenic, they are highly recommended for delicate and fragile linen,...

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  • Olive oil Marseille soap 400g

    Since 1900 and for four generations here in Salon-de-Provence, our family has been making soap that is cooked in a cauldron to traditional Marseille soap-making methods. Made from vegetable oils –no colouring, no added fragrances and no synthetic products– our olive oil Marseille soap cubes are particularly gentle on the skin and on the environment....

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  • "1000 Idées, Le Savon de Marseille" book (text in French)

    Marseille soap 100% natural to clean everything in the house. You will find in this book tips and many recipes for "homemade" 100% natural products, to clean everything. From housekeeping products to laundry washing, to body care, you will discover through this book that Marseille soap is unmissable in our homes.

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