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Marseille soap in the bathroom  

Marseille soap in the bathroom  

  •          Cleaning joints 

With time, bath, shower and tile joints get grimy. Use white Marseille soap to clean them. 

Instructions for use: As soon as the grime starts to set in, scrub with a toothbrush full of white Marseille soap. Do not add water. Wipe over with a microfiber cloth. 

  •          Cleaning an enamel bathtub 

A bathtub needs weekly cleaning to get rid of soap scum and grime. 

Instructions for use: Rub down the bathtub with a damp sponge full of white Marseille soap. Leave it to dry for a few minutes, then rinse and wipe dry. For very grimy bathtubs, add bicarbonate of soda. 

  •          Mist-free windows and mirrors

Steaming up is a common problem in the bathroom but you can avoid it thanks to Marseille soap.

Instructions for use: Rub the mirror with slightly moistened Marseille soap making sure you cover the entire glass surface. Then rub the surface with a clean lint-free cloth until all the soap has completely disappeared. Repeat once a month for prolonged protection.