Marseille soap for DIY  
Marseille soap for DIY  
  •         On screws

If you’re having problems driving a screw into wood, use Marseille soap.

Instructions for use: Rub the screw thread on a dry Marseille soap cube and it will go in smoothly.


  •          Unblocking drawers

For drawers that keep getting stuck, get some Marseille soap to the rescue!

Instructions for use: Rub a piece of Marseille soap along all the drawer edges and for an even more thorough job, along all the runners. 


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Marseille soap is non-perishable. What’s more, it improves over time. The drier it gets, the less humidity it c [...]


To do it yourself an hypoallergenic, economic and ecological laundry wash, choose Marseille soap flakes.


Recommended for its effectiveness and non-polluting virtues.


Tips and tricks for outdoor use