At Marius Fabre, every single soap is now made without palm oil !


New formulas available in January 2020.

At Marius Fabre, every single soap is now made without palm oil !

New formulas available in January 2020.

For our 120th anniversary, new innovation has led to the total elimination of palm oil in all of our soaps!

After we eliminated palm oil in our olive-oil Marseille soap in 2012, we continued to conduct research and development to eliminate palm oil from all of our soap recipes. After 8 years of work, tests and investments, we have come up with the solution to definitively do away with palm oil!

Beneficial for our environment...

Soap makers the world over have used palm oil for centuries to make soap and indeed palm oil has qualities that are good for soap, however the palm tree crop grown for oil is extremely destructive for the environment. Consumers are up in arms over the expansion of cultivation of palm trees that has devastated tropical forests, the true lungs of our planet. Such destruction has also affected worldwide biodiversity and caused the disappearance of plant and animal species.

We have sought to definitively eliminate palm oil from all our soaps, so as to have a positive impact on this environmental challenge, and reduce our environmental footprint.

We have chosen a very special oil for use in our soaps: high-oleic sunflower oil.

And beneficial for our skin!

High-oleic sunflower oil has the specific characteristic of having a composition that is very close to olive oil. Indeed, the oleic fatty acid that makes up 80% of high-oleic sunflower oil is the same as that in olive oil.  High-oleic sunflower oil is thus very rich in Omega 9 and contains a lot of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, making it very protective and nourishing for the skin.

72% vegetable oil: olive, sunflower and copra…. but no more palm oil!

"Since 1900, here in Salon-de-Provence, we have been making Marseille soap in the traditional manner, using 100% vegetable oils, with no chemical additives and no synthetic products. Today, 120 years after the creation of our family soap works, we have faced a major environmental challenge and taken a significant step: we have succeeded in eliminating palm oil from all our soaps. We are proud of this innovation which is part of our commitment to sustainable development and continually reducing our environmental impact."

Marie and Julie Bousquet-Fabre, great-granddaughters of Marius Fabre



New formulas soon to be available: 

  • Marseille soap for laundry with no palm oil
  • Marseille soap shavings with no palm oil
  • Scented bar soaps with no palm oil




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