What’s the difference between Marseille soap and black soap?

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Marseille soap and black soap are well-known and widely-used throughout the entire world, but not very many people know the difference between the two.

What’s the difference between Marseille soap and black soap?

Everything you need to know about black soap

Black soap is famous as an excellent multi-use cleaning product that is a great stain-remover and a great grease remover. It is used to clean the house, wash the laundry, and care for plants and gardens.

In the house, black soap is used to clean all surfaces including floors, windows, the cookstove and other objects.  It can also be used as laundry soap and for many other tasks.

In the garden, black soap is a super ecological partner to clean your outdoor furnishings (barbecue, wrought iron furniture, wood furniture, etc.). Black soap is also used to tend to plants. Some people also use it to wash sooty mould from plants. As for the composition of black soap, it is made from vegetable oils including flax oil and olive oil.  It comes in liquid or paste form. And, you need to know that black soap is highly concentrated and is most often used diluted.

Everything you need to know about Marseille soap

Marseille soap is often used to wash your face, hands, body and hair. But it is also used to wash clothes or as a multi-purpose cleaning product. Marseille soap can also be used to prepare natural household products and laundry soap where you use shavings of Marseille soap. There are countless advantages to using Marseille soap. It is truly the star of natural soaps recommended by dermatologists!

In the bathroom, Marseille soap is perfect for daily care for the entire family. It is rich in vegetable oils and good for all types of skin, even the most sensitive skins. Marseille soap preserves skin from drying out. But that’s not all! Marseille soap made from olive oil is excellent bar shampoo for every kind of hair, even very dry hair.

Throughout the house, Marseille soap cleans, removes stains, and whitens your laundry. It is highly efficient and eco-friendly.

The difference between black soap and Marseille soap

The production process for Marseille soap and black soap is fairly similar. To make these soaps, you blend olive oil, coconut oil, salt and a base product to turn the oils into soap. This base is the main difference between the two soaps. For black soap, we use potassium which makes the soap soft, whereas for Marseille soap, we use soda.

The difference between black soap and Marseille soap also resides in their use. Marseille soap is used to wash face, body and hair, and also for housecleaning and laundry. As for black soap, it is either dedicated to exfoliation, for it is a natural emollient, or it used for household purposes, for it is an eco-friendly, economic multi-purpose cleaning product, which in and of itself can replace more than a dozen commercial products.

It’s important to remember that both soaps are ecological and biodegradable. As such they are totally in line with sustainable development. They are natural soaps that respect the environment. When you use Marseille soap or black soap, you leave no trace whatsoever of chemical products in the home. Marseille soap and black soap are both natural, effective and multi-purpose products. Pure plant-based, biodegradable and phosphate-free, they do not pollute the rivers, and they contribute to protecting our planet.


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