Marseille soap in the wardrobe
Marseille soap in the wardrobe

  •          Moth repellent

Hang a slice of Marseille soap with olive oil in your wardrobe to keep the moths away.

  •          Reviving leather handbags 

To restore a leather handbag or purse, clean it carefully with soapy water containing a few drops of ammonia. Leave to dry in the shade. To finish the job, rub with a soft cloth moistened with lemon juice.

  •          Cleaning canvas shoes and plimsolls

Leave the shoes to soak in soapy water over night. Scrub stains gently with a soft brush if necessary. Rinse and leave to dry in the shade.

  •          Washing compression stockings and hosiery

Marseille soap is recommended by compression hosiery retailers. It is glycerine free so it cleans gently without damaging the hosiery fabric.

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  • Marseille soap flakes 750g

    Marius Fabre soap flakes are guaranteed 100% Marseille soap, pure vegetal with neither synthetic substances nor colouring agents.  Cooked in a cauldron to traditional Marseille soap-making practices, our special family recipe ensures that they are properly dried and dehydrated. Hypoallergenic, they are highly recommended for delicate and fragile linen,...

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  • Marseille soap flakes washing liquid 1L

    Our ready-to-use liquid laundry detergent is made with Marseille soap flakes at our family soap factory in Salon-de-Provence, using the same recipe for 4 generations.Marius Fabre soap flakes are guaranteed 100% Marseille soap, pure vegetal with neither synthetic substances nor colouring agents. Hypoallergenic, this washing liquid is recommended for...

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  • Marseille soap for the laundry 200g

    Since 1900 and for four generations here in Salon-de-Provence, our family has been making soap that is cooked in a cauldron to traditional Marseille soap-making methods. Made from vegetable oils –no colouring, no added fragrances and no synthetic products– our white Marseille soap cubes are recommended for a gentle wash on all fabrics, especially...

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  • "1000 Idées, Le Savon de Marseille" book (text in French)

    Marseille soap 100% natural to clean everything in the house. You will find in this book tips and many recipes for "homemade" 100% natural products, to clean everything. From housekeeping products to laundry washing, to body care, you will discover through this book that Marseille soap is unmissable in our homes.

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