How to cut your Marseille soap?

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Would you like to slice your bar or cube of Marseille soap? Marius Fabre has a very simple solution!

How to cut your Marseille soap?


Marius Fabre Marseille soap is a versatile, eco-friendly product that has been used for centuries to clean, wash and care for the skin. Made from natural ingredients such as vegetable oils (olive and copra) and soda, Marseille soap is not only environmentally friendly, it's also gentle on the skin. A question that often arises: how do you cut the soap into bars or cubes, to make slices for more practical use? In this article, the Marius Fabre soap factory explains some simple methods for cutting your Marseille soap at home.

Why cut your Marseille soap?
Marseille soap is generally sold in bars or cubes, which can make it a little difficult to use every day.By cutting it up, you can choose the format you want: a thicker or thinner slice, a cube...You'll also make it more practical to use for daily face and body cleansing.

Step 1: The utensils
To cut your Marseille soap, you'll need a few simple tools. Here's what you'll need:
1. Your bar or cube of Marseille soap: Make sure you have enough soap to meet your needs.
2. A sharp knife: Use a sharp kitchen knife to make clean cuts. If you've bought a Marius Fabre bar of Marseille soap, you can use your pull tab supplied with it.
3. Cutting board: A clean, sturdy cutting board is essential to avoid damaging your work surface. 

Step 2: Prepare your workspace
Before you start cutting your Marseille soap, make sure you have a stable, solid workspace, such as a kitchen table, on which to place your cutting board.

Step 3: Cut your soap
Now that you've gathered your tools and prepared your workspace, it's time to cut your Marseille soap.
Use your sharp knife to cut the soap into the desired size. You can cut it into squares, rectangles or whatever you need.
If you opt for the pull-tab solution, pass the wire under your soap, gather the 2 small pieces of wood above and pull upwards.
Repeat the operation as many times as you like.

Step 4: Store your soap pieces
Once you've cut your Marius Fabre Marseille soap into slices, store them in a cool, dry place.

By following these simple steps, you can easily cut your Marseille soap into convenient slices for everyday use. Whether for skin care or household chores, sliced Marius Fabre Marseille soap will help you enjoy its benefits in a practical and economical way. So don't hesitate to try this method and discover all the uses for Marseille soap in your daily life.

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