How to clean a carpet naturally ?

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It's important to remove dust from your carpet once a week with your vacuum cleaner, especially if it's located under the dining table or if you have children crawling around the house.

How to clean a carpet naturally ?

Before cleaning, be sure to vacuum the carpet to remove as many particles as possible: dust, pollen, crumbs, pet hair, etc. All carpets should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year. When you decide to clean it, don't just do it on one spot or only on one stain, but wash it all, at the risk of creating a halo.

To wash your carpet, Marius Fabre recommends two ways to proceed.


1. Dry clean your carpet with bicarbonate of soda.

Dry cleaning a carpet is recommended before any other solution, because it is the least risky method. Indeed, this method avoids the creation of stains or discoloration of your carpet.

What you need :

- Bicarbonate of soda
- Flexible brush
- Vacuum cleaner


As mentioned above, first vacuum your carpet to remove any residue. Then, take your bicarbonate of soda and spread it over the entire surface of your carpet. Then take your brush and scrub in circular motions to get it into the fibers.

Leave overnight or, if you do it during the day, for at least 6 to 8 hours. Vacuum again, scrubbing with the brush to loosen the fibers and suck up any bicarbonate of soda particles.

This method is very effective in removing odors, stains and restoring the shine to your carpet.


2. Clean your carpet with Marseille soap.

Carpets that are moderately dirty or not stained can be washed with soapy water. Be careful not to soak it too much or it will be damaged.

What you need :

- White Marseille soap cube
- Hot water basin
- Non-scratching sponge
- Terry or microfiber towel


First, grate your cube of white Marseille soap into small shavings. Then, plunge them into your basin of hot water and mix until they are completely dissolved.

Soak your sponge with this mixture and then gently rub your carpet, paying attention to its fibers. Your carpet should not return water, it should be slightly wet to facilitate its drying.

You notice a stain on your carpet ? Take your cube of white Marseille soap and rub it gently on the area. If you have our stain-removing soaps, you can also use them according to the stain.

Rinse with your terry towel or microfiber towel and let air dry. If the process takes too long or if your carpet is too wet, don't hesitate to dry it with a hair dryer on the "medium" setting so as not to burn the fibers.


Once again, Marius Fabre gives you his tips for a more efficient, natural, ecological and economical cleaning !

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