Clean baby bottles with Marseille soap

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If you wish to wash your baby bottles in the most natural way possible, you have come to the right place !

Clean baby bottles with Marseille soap


To effectively wash your baby's bottles and dishes, you will need :

              A cube of green Marseille soap with olive oil

              A baby bottle brush and a sponge

              Cold tap water.

Once your baby bottle is emptied by baby, disassemble it completely (nipple, ring and container). Remember to pre-rinse it a first time under hot water in order to remove the remains and possible deposits.


Then run your cube of green Marseille soap under water to moisten it and rub your baby bottle brush on it until you get a light foam.

Once the soap is collected, insert the baby bottle brush into the bottle container and wash as usual.

Then wash with the help of a sponge the nipple and the ring the teat and the ring.

Finally, rinse everything abundantly with cold water and let it air dry, at best on a baby bottle drainer.


So now you know how to wash your baby's bottles quickly, naturally and effectively !

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