Marseille soap: a natural solution for night cramps

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Discover an effective, natural and easy-to-use remedy for night cramps: Marius Fabre Marseille soap!

Marseille soap: a natural solution for night cramps


Night cramps - involuntary, painful muscle contractions that often occur during sleep - can disrupt the quality of your rest and affect your well-being. Although various solutions exist to relieve this problem, some people turn to natural and traditional methods to find effective relief. In this article, we'll explore the use of Marius Fabre Marseille soap as a potential remedy for night cramps.

Marius Fabre Marseille soap: an age-old tradition
For centuries, Marseille soap has been recognised for its beneficial properties for the skin and its use in various domestic applications. The Marius Fabre artisan soap factory, founded in 1900 in Salon-de-Provence, continues this tradition by producing authentic Marseille soaps made from vegetable oils, without chemical additives or palm oil.

The possible benefits of Marseille soap for night cramps
Although scientific research into the specific use of Marseille soap to relieve night cramps may be limited, some testimonials suggest that this soap could potentially offer relief. One grandmotherly secret is to place a bar of Marseille soap at the bottom of the bed to prevent cramps, and even rheumatism!
The cramp phenomenon could be due to a lack of sodium ions (salt) in the body. Marseille soap contains "sodium olivate" (soap made from olive oil) or "sodium cocoate" (soap made from coconut oil). This could be one explanation for the reduction in night cramps.

How do I use Marius Fabre Marseille soap?
If you would like to try Marius Fabre Marseille Soap to relieve your night cramps, here are a few simple steps to follow:
1. Choose an authentic and natural Marseille soap in one of our Marius Fabre boutiques or on our website 
2. Place a piece of Marseille soap in a flannel or cloth pouch.
3. Slide it onto the bottom of the bed.
4. Leave to work and see the results! 
5. Remember to change your soap every 3 months. You can then use it for your daily washing.

Although the use of Marseille soap to treat night cramps has not yet been scientifically studied, many people have found relief by using this product in the traditional way. However, it is important to note that each individual is unique. If you suffer from severe or persistent night cramps, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional for appropriate advice and treatment. In the meantime, trying Marius Fabre Marseille Soap could be a natural solution to relieve those annoying cramps and get back to enjoying a more peaceful night's sleep.

So don't hesitate to visit our "olive oil Marseille soap" section to try out one of our Marseille soaps!

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