How to clean a leather sofa ?

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Your leather sofa needs a good cleaning but you don't know which product to choose? Marius Fabre gives you its ecological and economical recipes for light and dark leathers...

How to clean a leather sofa ?

Light leather sofa : Savon de Marseille

If your leather sofa is on a light shade (beige, white and other pastel colors), you can clean it effectively with white Marseille soap with oleic sunflower oil.

Indeed, the white Marseille soap is ideal to give back its brightness to your leather sofa. To succeed in this cleaning, you must first dust your sofa with a clean and soft rag. Don't forget the corners, and if your sofa allows it, remove the back cushions to remove all the impurities.

Using a glove moistened with lukewarm water, rub your cube of white Marseille soap and delicately massage the entire sofa. Your glove should not be imbibed in water as this could damage your leather. If a stain persists, don't rub it, go over it several times at intervals of a few minutes.

Once the soap is spread over the entire sofa, rinse with clear water without drowning the leather. Then dry with a cotton cloth or chamois. If you have the possibility to air the room, open the windows to allow your sofa to dry thoroughly. Do not use a hair dryer, as this may cause cracking.

Once your sofa is clean and dry, move on to the moisturizing step.


Dark Leather Sofa : Black Soap

For leather sofas with a dark color, we advise you to use our black soap with olive oil to avoid possible discoloration.

To wash your dark leather sofa, dust it and then in a basin of lukewarm water, put 1 teaspoon of Marius Fabre black soap and mix to obtain a water whitened by the dissolution of the product. Soak a microfiber or cotton tea towel in this mixture and wring it out as much as possible. Indeed, as for the clear leather, you should not drown the material with water. Massage the entire sofa, rinsing the cloth several times.

Once your sofa is cleaned, rinse with clear water and dry with a clean cotton cloth. Once dry, you can move on to moisturizing your leather sofa.


Very dirty leather : the 100% natural and effective tip!

With time, your leather sofa can get damaged, crack but also see appearing ugly stains that we would like to see gone. Wear and tear can be the main cause: indeed, the sebum on our horses or simply our clothes can leave traces on the sofa.

To do this, nothing could be easier ! Wash your sofa by following the first step with Marseille soap and then prepare your second wash with : 

    -  Bowl of lukewarm water
    -  Marius Fabre white vinegar
    -  Microfiber rag

Be careful with the quantities! In a bowl, mix equal parts water and white vinegar (for example 3 tablespoons for each product). Dip a corner of the rag in the mixture and then tap the stain without ever rubbing vigorously at the risk of damaging your leather. If the stain is stubborn, go back to it several times. Rinse and dry the area you worked on.

You can use this method on all leathers, light and dark.


We also propose another solution: the use of our stain-removing soap with Terre de Sommières.
Indeed, if you observe a greasy stain (oil type) on your leather sofa, soak a sponge or soft cloth in lukewarm water, then pass the stain-removing soap with Terre de Sommières on the stain. Let the foam act and rinse with clear water. If necessary, repeat the operation 1 to 2 times and then dry.


How to feed your leather sofa ?

You don't have a "special leather" product to nourish your sofa ? Did you know that it was possible to do it with a moisturizing body milk (perfumed or not) or a baby milk ? Indeed, these milks are soft, they will not attack the leather of your sofa and will avoid cracking.

To do this, take a soft, clean rag, or a chamois, pour a dab of milk and proceed by areas. Delicately massage the leather, without rubbing and let the milk penetrate.

Once this step is finished, let it dry for a few minutes so that the leather can absorb the body milk and then pass a soft rag over your sofa again to make it shine. Once again, we pass it delicately, without rubbing at the risk of damaging the crust of the leather.


The Marius Fabre soap factory has given you its tips for washing your leather sofa in an economical and ecological way! Do not hesitate to give us your feedback on social networks.

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