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Marseille soap for the laundry

Marseille soap is recommended for the care of the laundry and all textiles including delicate...

Marseille soap is recommended for the care of the laundry and all textiles including delicate linen (baby linen, lingerie, fragile fabrics such as silk, wool or lace...). Marseille soap for the laundry comes in two formats: cubes or shavings.

  • Marseille soap flakes washing liquid 1L, palm oil free

    Our ready-to-use liquid laundry detergent is made with Marseille soap flakes at our family soap factory in Salon-de-Provence, using the same recipe for 4 generations.Marius Fabre soap flakes are guaranteed 100% Marseille soap, pure vegetal with neither synthetic substances nor colouring agents. Hypoallergenic, this washing liquid is recommended for...

    11,80 €
  • Marseille soap flakes, 750g, palm oil free

    Since 1900 and for four family generations, we have been continuing in Salon de Provence the traditional process of soap making, cooked in a cauldron.   Innovation 2020: On the occasion of our 120th anniversary, we have managed to remove palm oil from all our soaps. It is now replaced by oleic sunflower oil, a very special oil with many attractive...

    15,90 €
    No reviews
  • Marseille soap for the laundry, palm oil free 400g

    In 120 years of existence, Marius Fabre has preserved the tradition of making real Marseille soap. Today, an important step has been taken, symbolized by the replacement of palm oil from all its soaps with very special oil, oleic sunflower oil. Made of vegetable oils, free from artificial colourings, fragrance and chemical products, our cube of white...

    4,10 €
    No reviews
  • Savon de Marseille BLANC Brut 100 g dans un étui Quick view
    3,90 €

    Marseille soap for the laundry, palm oil free 100g

    Thinking about reducing our ecological influence, 8 years have been necessary to remove palm oil from all our soaps. This major environmental issue is now materialized by a new formulation with a very special oil, oleic sunflower oil, which completely replaces palm oil. Made of vegetable oils, free from artificial colourings, fragrance and chemical...

    3,90 €
    No reviews
  • Soap bag

    This "soap bag" is made in France, near Lyon. 100% cotton outside and cotton coats inside, it is the essential companion of your toilet case. Practical and very light, it will allow you to bring your household soap or your favorite perfumed bar of soap everywhere.

    9,50 €
    No reviews
  • "1000 Idées, Le Savon de Marseille" book (text in French)

    Marseille soap 100% natural to clean everything in the house. You will find in this book tips and many recipes for "homemade" 100% natural products, to clean everything. From housekeeping products to laundry washing, to body care, you will discover through this book that Marseille soap is unmissable in our homes.

    12,00 €
    No reviews
  • 120th Anniversary Collector metal cube box

    This metal box is a collector's edition made to mark the 120th anniversary of our soap factory. Specially imagined by the designer of Marseille Joan Ceccaldi to immortalize this anniversary. A creation between authenticity and modernity!To offer or to please you, this box is perfectly suited to the dimensions of our 200 g Marseille soap...

    5,80 €
    No reviews
  • Gold cube metal box "Christmas"

    This "Christmas" metal cube gold box is a special edition made to accompany you on these holiday season. Delicately golden and imagined by the Marseille designer Joan Ceccaldi recalling the authenticity of our products with a touch of modernity. It perfectly accommodates our 200g Marseille soap cube. Dimensions: 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm H 6 cmSold...

    5,80 €
    No reviews
  • Marseille laundry soaps "La Sainte Famille", palm oil free

    With our brand "La Sainte Famille", we perpetuate the tradition of Marseille white laundry soap, well-known to our grand-mothers, while improving its ingredients.  We have just launched our new formula with no palm oil which we have replaced with a very special oil, oleic sunflower oil, allowing us to fully maintain the recognised quality of the...

    12,00 €
    No reviews
  • Christmas "Marseille soap" gift set

    For these Holyday celebrations, we are glad to present you our Christmas "Marseille soap" gift set ready to offer!In a finely golden metal box, offer the tradition of authentic Marseille soap !This gift set contains:1 Oval olive oil Marseille soap 150g 1 Personalized Olive oil Marseille soap slice 1 Marseille soap for the...

    23,00 €
    No reviews
  • 120th Anniversary Collector gift set "The authentic Marseille soap"

    Discover our new gift set around the Marseille soap in a "120th Anniversary Collector" edition, specially designed by Marseille artist Joan Ceccaldi.It is suitable for both initiates of this multi-purpose soap and novices keen to discover the tradition of the Marseille soap!This box contains:1 Olive oil Marseille soap slice...

    26,70 €
    No reviews
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  • Marseille soap shavings will allow you to make your laundry ecological and economical. In this form it can also be the basis for the manufacture of your natural home cosmetics: shampoo, shower gel...

    In its cube form, it will be very effective for removing stains and washing your clothes by hand.