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Buy the authentic Eco pack "Laundry & stain-removing soaps
Buy the best Eco pack "Laundry & stain-removing soaps
Buy the authentic Eco pack "Laundry & stain-removing soaps
Buy the best Eco pack "Laundry & stain-removing soaps

Eco pack "Laundry & stain-removing soaps

Take advantage of an exceptional -15% discount by opting for our Marius Fabre "Laundry & stain-removing soaps" eco pack. You'll find our famous 750g box of Marseille soap shavings accompanied by our duo of stain-removing soaps, enriched with terre de Sommières and baking soda. This pack will become your laundry essential!

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Enjoy soft, clean, fresh laundry! Our Marseille soap shavings, made using the traditional manufacturing method handed down from generation to generation in the Fabre family, are palm oil-free and contain no colorants, perfumes or additives. Our Marseille soap shavings are recommended for gentle, effective washing of all textiles, especially delicate laundry (baby linen, wool, silk, lace, etc.).

Add to this our duo of stain-removing soaps that you won't be able to do without. Renowned for its absorbent properties, our terre de Sommières soap will remove even the greasiest stains from your fabrics. The second soap, enriched with bicarbonate of soda, known for its whitening properties, will be effective not only on light-colored fabrics, but also on blood, wine and grease stains.

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Fiche d'ingrédients : Download (211.07KB)
Fiche ingrédients duo détachants : Download (254.15KB)

Palm oil-free Marseille soap flakes
100% vegetable oils (oleic sunflower oil, coconut oil)
No colorants, fragrances or preservatives
No chemical additives
Palm oil-free
Net weight: 750g

Stain-removing soap duo 
Marseille soap with olive oil and terre de Sommières
Marseille soap, < 15% sodium bicarbonate
Colorant-free, fragrance-free, preservative-free, chemical additive-free, palm oil-free.
Net packaging weight: 2 x 150 g

Using stain-removing soaps with terre de Sommières and bicarbonate of soda.
Before starting your washing machine, make sure you use the stain-removing soap best suited to the stain on your clothes. Our stain-removing soaps should be used in the pre-wash cycle, on slightly damp clothes, to remove all the little marks from your fabrics.
For stains caused by fruit, coffee, tea, make-up or grass on dark fabrics or on your sofa, carpet or curtains, choose our Terre de Sommières stain-removing soap. Thanks to its 100% natural, absorbent clay, you're guaranteed to get perfectly clean laundry.

For all stains on light-coloured fabrics, but also to remove blood, wine, grease or sludge stains, you can use our baking soda soap. Its whitening action will restore the shine to your light-coloured clothes.
Once you've identified the stain and found the right stain-removing soap, lightly rub the stain until you get a light foam. Leave for around 30 minutes, then machine wash.
If you'd like to find out all our tips for cleaning your clothes with our stain-removing soaps, you can read this article.

Using Marseille soap shavings
Once your clothes are stain-free and ready to be machine-washed, prepare your ecological and natural homemade detergent using Marius Fabre Marseille soap shavings. 

1. Place a small handful or 30g of shavings at the bottom of your detergent can.
2. Pour very hot water over the shavings to melt them (start with 1/2 litre).
3. Shake well
4. Pour in another 1/2 litre of very hot water to make 1 litre of detergent.
5. Shake well again
6. Your detergent is ready!

Because of its natural formula, the detergent may be out of phase. Simply shake the can vigorously to mix again.
If you'd like to read all the tips for making homemade detergent, go to this article.

Eco pack "Laundry & stain-removing soaps
18.33 €

Instead of 21.00 €

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