White vinegar to clean your windows !

Tips and tricks

To clean your windows without leaving a trace, you have a wide choice of chemical products in supermarkets. But did you know that you can use white vinegar to wash your windows and make them shine ?

White vinegar to clean your windows !

Accessories & recipe

  • Marius Fabre white vinegar
  • → Lukewarm water
  • → An empty vaporizer
  • → A microfiber cloth


To begin, mix 750 milliliters of lukewarm water with 250 milliliters of white vinegar in an empty vaporizer. Shake to mix the preparation and let it sit for 1 minute. Then move on to cleaning your windows by spraying your mixture and wiping with a clean microfiber cloth.
Let dry.
Your windows are now clean !


Marius' tip

Did you know that windows cleaned with white vinegar prevent spiders and flies from entering your home ? Indeed, both of them can't stand the smell and won't venture into your home ! In the summer, consider spraying a little white vinegar in the corners and openings of your windows.

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