The merits of Marseille soap

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Read all about the advantages of making Marseille soap an everyday habit! A natural, hypoallergenic ally for your skin that also takes good care of even the most delicate fabrics.

The merits of Marseille soap

Marseille soap is known all over the world. It can be recognised by its unique shape and colour. It’s a must-have in everyday life and it brings a great number of benefits. A closer look at the merits of Marseille soap

An ally for skincare

Marseille soap is vegetable soap and is soft on sensitive skin. You can use it regularly and just rinse with water. It is natural, gentle and hypoallergenic.

You can also use Marseille soap for body care. Even people with sensitive skins can use it for daily cleansing.

Good in the home

If you prefer using a natural, biodegradable product to wash your clothes, Marseille soap is highly recommended. You can use it to pre-wash stubborn stains or just use a few flakes as a laundry wash.

If you have a baby, you can use Marseille soap in the bath and for changes.

Dermatological merits

Marseille soap also has a great many dermatological and eco-friendly properties. It’s an eco-friendly product. It’s natural and biodegradable and safe for the environment. Dermatologists often recommend Marseille soap for eczema.

It contains no colouring, no allergens and no synthetic additives. That’s why it’s recommended for babies and people with allergies. It’s more economical than ordinary soap, sometimes lasting up to twice as long.

The merits of Marseille soap for the complexion 

Thanks to its “extra pure” vegetable composition, Marseille soap is highly recommended for greasy or acne-prone skins. It can be used for deep-down cleansing and controls sebum.

What’s more, it makes so much lather that it can even be used as shaving foam. It cleanses the skin and prevents ingrown hairs.

Its merits for hair 

Marseille soap can be used on any part of the body, including the hair. Remember, it contains nothing but natural ingredients, olive oil and soda. That’s why it’s recommended for people who no longer want to use aggressive shampoos that weaken the hair.

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