Marseille soap for skincare  

Tips and tricks

Our olive oil Marseille soap is perfect for skincare. 

Marseille soap for skincare   

  •          Gentle on the skin

The rich olive oil composition of Marius Fabre Marseille soap takes good care of all skin types, especially the most sensitive (such as babies and allergic skins). 

No colouring, no added fragrance and no petroleum by-products, it is a gentle, natural alternative to other modern products that are irritating and less suitable for fragile skins. Its unique manufacturing process is a guarantee of "Extra Pure" soap that is entirely free of impurities.

Did you know?

Thanks to its nourishing olive oil content, Marius Fabre Marseille soap helps reduce the signs of dry skin and irritation. What’s more, it improves skin condition for people who tend to be sensitive to skin diseases (like eczema or psoriasis) or allergic*.

 * (Dermatological Study SVHO/99, Dermatology Department, Montpellier University Hospital)

  •          Shampoo for short hair

Marseille olive oil soap is an excellent shampoo for a non-aggressive, deep down hair wash (especially for greasy hair).

  •          Toothpaste

Using Marseille olive oil soap as toothpaste keeps gums healthy and leaves teeth clean and white.

Instructions for use: Rub your wet toothbrush on a piece of Marius Fabre Marseille soap, preferably our olive oil soap. Brush your teeth. There will be lots of lather. Rinse your mouth with water several times.

  •          Shaving foam

Marseille olive oil soap means a gentle shave. 

Instructions for use: Lather with a shaving brush then apply to the skin before shaving. 

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