Marseille soap for minor cuts and grazes  

Marseille soap for minor cuts and grazes  

First aid

Marseille soap cleans light wounds and grazes.

  •          Instructions for use: Rub a clean, slightly damp cloth on your Marseille soap until it lathers. Gently clean the wound, rinse and pat dry.

Cramp and rheumatism

A cube or a piece of Marseille soap at the bottom of your bed helps relieve cramp and rheumatism.

  •          Instructions for use: Place a cube or slice of Marseille soap in a face mitt or fabric pouch. Slip it on the sheet at the bottom of the bed. Leave it there and… wait and see!


Marseille soap soothes irritations and allergic reactions. If your skin is irritated and itchy, even if you have eczema or psoriasis, you can use Marseille soap for skincare.

  •          Instructions for use: Rub Marseille soap on itchy insect (even chigger or aouta) bites. 

Sooths light burns and sunburn

  •          Instructions for use: Apply Marseille soap while running cold water on the burn.