Make your own black soap laundry wash

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Read our recipe for black soap laundry wash. Simple, eco-friendly and economical, it’s ready in 5 minutes.

Make your own black soap laundry wash

Black soap is a natural, multi-purpose cleaner that can also be used to make an eco-friendly, economical washing liquid for the laundry. After food and cosmetics, the time for green homes has come. The space we live and breathe in is too often the place where we use products that harm our health and our environment. Our grandparents already used black soap to clean everything all around the house. Today, its virtues have been revived. Pure, it can be used as a pre-wash stain remover on dark and coloured fabrics. But it is also ideal for making a natural laundry wash that is economical and can be used instead of synthetic detergents. 

Recipe for black soap laundry wash 

The ingredients you need are:

Method: Put 50g of black soap in a basin or a glass bottle and add 1L of boiling water. Mix until the black soap has completely dissolved. For a pleasantly scented black soap laundry wash, add 10 drops of essential oil. It’s ready!

An alternative to detergents in less than 5 minutes! A simple, eco-friendly recipe you won’t want to go without. 

Use: Pour 20cl of your home-made black soap laundry wash into the detergent compartment of your washing machine or into a diffuser.

N.B., We advise you to use Marseille soap laundry wash for your whites! 

Worth knowing for black soap laundry wash

It is 100% natural, economical and eco-friendly. It can be used to clean the home from top to bottom, on textiles and in the laundry, but also in the garden.

You’ll find all Marius’ tips on using olive oil black soap here: Olive oil black soap in the home

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