How to clean your baby's toys?

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Your baby or toddler spends hours playing with toys. Whether outside or at home, these toys end up on the floor or on other dirty surfaces and then in baby's mouth. It's a fact that toys get dirty...

How to clean your baby's toys?

Your baby or toddler spends hours playing with toys. Whether outside or at home, these toys end up on the floor or on other dirty surfaces and then in baby's mouth. It's a fact that toys get dirty quickly and become nests for germs. Regularly cleaning all of your child's toys is imperative, but we don't always know how to do it and especially which cleaning products to use in order to guarantee the safety of our young children.

Marius Fabre gives you the methods and tricks to clean baby's toys.


How to clean plastic toys ?

For plastic toys without batteries, you can effectively clean these toys by placing them in your dishwasher, in the top rack with a high temperature cycle. The toys will be clean, disinfected and dry, ready to be used again!

However, if you don't have a dishwasher or don't wish to wash them this way, we give you a plan B.

  1.  Wash the toys in soapy water to eliminate the first bacteria and visible stains. To do this, mix 1 liter of hot water with 30g of Marseille soap flakes (or 30g of soap flakes grated directly from your white Marseille soap cube) in a basin.
  2.  With a sponge or microfiber tea towel, rub the toy.
  3.  Empty the basin of soapy water, place the toys back in and spray with white vinegar to disinfect them. Leave for about 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  4.  Finally, dry the toys with a clean rag.

Rinsing toys after using white vinegar is important, especially for children who put toys in their mouths. Once finished and dry, the toys are once again ready for a new game cycle with your toddler !

Be careful, if your toy works with batteries, do not soak them in soapy water! Remove the batteries and rub with a cloth soaked in water and Marseille soap then dry.


How to clean wooden toys ?

They are sometimes forgotten, but yes, your baby's wooden toys must also be washed in order to avoid being a nest of bacteria.

To do this, simply soak a rag with Marius Fabre white vinegar and wipe the wooden toys with a clean tea towel. Let it dry completely and then you can give it back to your child.


How to clean cloth toys ?

Your baby's stuffed or cloth toys (comforters, cloth dolls, sensory balls...) get dirty quickly and can eventually become an impressive nest of bacteria, viruses and dust mites. To prevent your child from getting sick, it is important to wash his toys regularly.

Many cloth and plush toys are washable in the washing machine, but not necessarily at high temperatures. Be sure to check the care label on the toy.

You can wash the toy at 30 to 40°C with our liquid Marseille soap detergent, hypoallergenic, without dyes or additives. In order to best disinfect the toys, add half a glass of white vinegar in the softening tank of your washing machine, then add a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil directly into the drum. The use of essential oil in this case is safe as it will disappear completely after washing.

Finally, dry the toys on a drying rack and give them back to your toddler.


How often should to wash baby's toys ?

It is not necessary to clean your child's toys daily, but regular cleaning is recommended. For toys that your baby puts in his or her mouth, they should be cleaned fairly often. For other toys, it's up to you how often you clean them.

However, if your toddler is, or has been, sick, proceed with the cleaning almost daily of the toys with which he had fun and in particular brought to the mouth in order to avoid the proliferation and the transmission of the microbes.

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