Covid-19: Unavailable products


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Covid-19: Unavailable products

Some of you are asking us questions about the unavailable products. 

These are due to the very strong demand for our products, in particular soap, since the begining of the health crisis. And we thank you for that. 

We assure you that our team is doing everything possible to respond to demand and raise stocks, while respecting the sanitary instructions for the health of all.

We are a traditional family soap factory, not an industrial one. The respect for the artisanal manufacturing process requires incompressible time, guaranteeing the quality of our soaps.

Some delays in the supply of raw materials or containers can also cause additional delays.

But these stockouts should only be temporary, we hope a return to normal as soon as possible!

The entire Marius Fabre team is highly motivated to bring you satisfaction as soon as possible.

We thank you for your trust and patience.

See you soon, 

Marius Fabre Team

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