Christmas in Provence at Marius Fabre


Christmas in Provence at Marius Fabre

Christmas in Provence:

These traditions have been in the Fabre family for over 115 years. From soap-making crafts skills to traditional Provençal celebrations, our family is intent on passing on and sharing authenticity in all its forms.

This year we want to share the Christmas season with you to introduce you to something unique and let you join in what we call our fêtes calendales — because the word calendau means "Christmas” in Provençal.

The festivities start on 4th December, Saint Barbara’s day to end on 2nd February, Candlemas. The 40-day period is full of symbols and warm, festive traditions that are the delight of all generations.

We have prepared a special news section on Christmas in Provence with something different every week until Christmas. See you on Saturday 5th December in our news section for an explanation of Saint Barbara’s Day, the first of the Provençal Christmas celebrations.

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