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You will discover through these books natural and ecological tips on the different uses of...

You will discover through these books natural and ecological tips on the different uses of black soap and Marseille soap. Whether for your interior or exterior, the solution is in these books.

  • "Savons Noirs à tout faire" book (text in French)

    How to know the many uses of Marius Fabre olive oil black soap ? This book unveils no less than 1200 natural and ecological tips & tricks ! Ines Peyret is a journalist. She is the author of the collection "Dictionnaire à tout faire". By Ines Peyret, ed. Dauphin

    16,25 €
    No reviews
  • "Le savon de Marseille, secrets et vertus" book (text in French)

    You will discover in this book the many virtues and uses of Marseille soap, sometimes forgotten or unsuspected. Françoise Périer is the author of many articles on the practices of care in the world, the virtues of plants and the benefits of spas. By Françoise Périer

    12,00 €
    No reviews
  • "Tout propre" book (text in French)

    Let your children from 3 to 6 years discover the universe of bathing and hygiene in a playful way! Why should we wash ? What is a microbe ? How is soap made and how does it work ? How was it used to be ? This complete "P'tit doc" answers all the questions of the smallest. On pages 18 and 19, you will be immersed in the heart of Marius Fabre soap...

    7,40 €
    No reviews
  • "Je fabrique mes produits ménagers" book (text in French)

    For a healthy interior, natural hygiene products ... You will find in this book tricks, recipes to fight every day against pollution, waste : from black soap cleaner, to Marseille soap washing liquid. Discover over thirty natural recipes for household products and body care. Text in French 

    12,00 €
  • "1000 Idées, Le Savon de Marseille" book (text in French)

    Marseille soap 100% natural to clean everything in the house. You will find in this book tips and many recipes for "homemade" 100% natural products, to clean everything. From housekeeping products to laundry washing, to body care, you will discover through this book that Marseille soap is unmissable in our homes.

    12,00 €
    No reviews
  • "1000 Idées, Le savon Noir" book (text in French)

    The black soap, miracle and ecological product to maintain the whole house. You will find in this book many tricks and recipes for common sense for olive oil black soap household products. To clean interiors, exteriors and even treat plants, black soap is a must-have ally in our homes. It replaces more than a dozen daily household products, while being...

    12,00 €
    No reviews
  • Collector wood block stamp

    Made in France, in Marseille, this wooden stamp will allow you to personalize your mails and to make your correspondents travel in time. This one is a reproduction of our cube of household soap. As the Marius Fabre soap factory, the company which makes it is certified Begun by the Heritage Living ( EPV), a sign of gratitude of the State organized to...

    19,00 €
    No reviews
  • "Ma beauté au naturel" Book (text in french)

    Marseille soap, olive oil or shea butter, these natural products only want the best for you.Learn to know and use them to take care of you everyday.You will find in this book benefits, tips and many recipes for "homemade" 100% natural cosmetics. Extract from "Ma beauté au naturel, bienfaits, recettes et astuces" by Céline Mollet, in the Marie Claire...

    14,90 €
    No reviews
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