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Genuine Marseille soap is 100% natural, made only from vegetable oils, and especially olive oil, with neither colouring nor synthetic additives. It must contain 72% of oil, which is stamped on each cube of soap.

 Its properties come from this exceptional purity :

  •  Gentle, natural but still effective

Marius Fabre soap is not harsh for the skin. It is often recommended by the medical profession as an alternative to other modern products which can cause skin problems. It is also recommended for washing delicate fabrics (silk, lace, baby clothes).

  •  Respectful of the environment

Most commercial soaps and shower gels are made from products which are petroleum based or animal products. Marius Fabre soaps and shower gels are based only on vegetable oils : olive, copra, and palm. Containing no phosphates or synthetic substances, they do not pollute rivers thus helping to preserve the environment.

  •  Not tested on animals

Necessary research and quality controls are carried out in specialized laboratories which do not use animals. It can be used, however, for bathing domestic animals.

  • Economical

Marius Fabre soap lasts up to twice as long as ordinary soap. This then makes it an economical product.


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Savon de Marseille



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