Consuming less and better!

Sustainable development and us

Consume less and better!


For over 118 years, we’ve been producing vegetable oil soap that is biodegradable, no added colourings and free of petroleum-based by-products.

Our concern for the environment leads us to reduce packaging to a minimum and whenever possible, we sell our soap cubes as they are without any packaging at all.

As Marseille soap does not need a use-by date, we are now developing larger formats, 2.5 kg soap loaves to be cut up at home, 5kg bags of soap flakes, 1L liquid soap refills and bulk sales, in particular for our Marseille soap flakes.

We also rigorously select our suppliers

Packaging: the paper and cardboard we use for labels and packaging are FSC certified (the forestry stewardship pledge for responsible forest management worldwide -

Accessories: we try our best to work with French companies only, if possible local ones for proximity, when it comes to the accessories sold with our product ranges. Because our partners are French companies, the carbon emissions of the products for which we are only dealer, such as fabrics (Tissage de Luz, Danicourt) or children’s items (Opinel)..., are considerably less.

Attentive to environmental challenges

We use the new waste separation signage: TRIMAN

This standard applies to all recyclable goods and, independently of other ecopackaging recycling standards, indicates that all Marius Fabre cardboard and paper packaging should be separated for recycling upon disposal.

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