Buy the authentic Almond scented vegetable candle, 100g
Buy the best Almond scented vegetable candle, 100g

Almond scented vegetable candle, 100g

Let yourself be transported by the sweet smell of almond of our plant candle, and perfume your home in a natural and greedy way. Created by an artisan perfumer in Grasse with 100% vegetable wax, our Marius Fabre candles will give you a moment of well-being and relaxation.

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The Marius Fabre "almond" scented candle offers you a soft comforting smell, slightly sweet, which will remind you of the smell of homemade cakes still warm and ready to be eaten! Burning time: about 40 hours.
All our Marius Fabre scented candles contain a bold and creative fragrance. To guarantee the best quality, we have surrounded ourselves with perfumers from Grasse, known for their excellence and know-how. 

Candle format : 
Diameter of the jar: 7 cm
Size: 100 g 
Number of wicks: 1

100% vegetable wax: soy and coconut wax
Perfume developed with a perfumer in Grasse
Cotton wick
Glass jar

Store your candles in a cool, dark and damp place.
Do not expose a candle to direct sunlight (discolouration) or a heat source (this could soften the wax).
Allow to burn for a minimum of 1 hour in order to reveal all the aromas of the fragrance.
Burning time: about 40 hours

Our safety instructions :
For your safety and that of your family and to prevent any risk of fire in your home, never leave a lit candle unattended.
For the safety of your children and your pets, we strongly advise you to keep a burning candle out of their reach.
It is strongly advised to keep a burning candle away from any flammable material (e.g. curtain, wallpaper, paper decoration, etc.)

Almond scented vegetable candle, 100g
6.00 €
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