Buy the authentic Mediterranean vegetable sponge, 6 to 8 cm
Buy the best Mediterranean vegetable sponge, 6 to 8 cm

Mediterranean vegetable sponge, 6 to 8 cm

Opt for softness with this natural sponge made of vegetable fibre. With fibres similar to those of silk and absorbing three times more water than a simple synthetic sponge, the sea sponge is both softer and more hygienic, which makes it recommended for people with sensitive skin or allergic tendencies.

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This natural sponge made of vegetable fibre is very absorbent, soft and does not irritate the skin. It is suitable for fragile skin such as babies' skin or skin with problems. Contrary to a synthetic sponge, the vegetable sponge is made up of closed bubbles which enables it to absorb 3 times more water and to evacuate all the impurities very easily.

The quality of the natural sponge depends on its origin. In the Mediterranean, sponges grow slowly in fairly cold and deep water, so their fibres become strong and elastic, which increases their shelf life.
The size and quality of this sponge are perfectly suited for body cleansing (bath and shower). Our natural sponge from the Mediterranean Sea is 100% natural and ecologically responsible.

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Ecological, natural vegetable sponge that you can add to your compost once your sponge is used up. 
Average life of 2 to 3 months depending on your use.
The sea sponge is a natural product that respects the environment.
Diameter: about 6 to 8 cm

Wet your sponge with soap and wash your face and body. After each use, remember to rinse your sponge well with clear water, squeeze it and then let it dry in the open air.

Mediterranean vegetable sponge, 6 to 8 cm
6.80 €
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