Vegetable cosmetic, authentic and natural

  • Heather honey-scented Shower gel 230ml

    Made from a vegetable oil base enriched with honey, the Heather honey-scented Shower gel 230ml cleans every type of skin. Its subtle honey scent, slightly sweet, delights the entire family and brings sunshine to all five senses. Our formula has been designed for good suppleness for your skin and for just the right amount of lather. Ideal format for...

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  • Mini Olive oil bar of soap Lavender fragrance, palm oil free

    There’s nothing like Olive oil bar soap with Lavender fragrance 40g, the icon of Provence. This bar soap gently cleans your skin, leaving your body soft and silky thanks to the olive oil. The lavender imparts a lovely feeling of freshness. Made solely from vegetable oils, olive and coconut with no preservatives or artificial colouring. Much more...

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